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Team DRH was a group of people that kept the G-Tablet alive as long as they possibly could. Unfortunately all of us at Team DRH have had to move on. We would like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the years!

DRH Team Members: fosser2The3DmaNplastikman, Ch3vr0n5, Mayday_Jaytreznorx, dwagner, tlb1961, busa_blade, jaybob413, fards (Honorable Member), SPraus, redeyedjedi, Adamj311,thexfactor2011

The following people have contributed to Team DRH in some way and they deserve some recognition!
Clemsyn (Kernel Development Help)
Pagantek (Amazing video documentation)
Supreme360 (Artwork)
evilgohan2 (Artwork and testing)
poursoul (Donations and lots of laughs)
MC-Gtab (Testing)
Urufu_Shinjiro (Testing)
Mohan_Varma (Contributor)
Phoenix84 (Contributor)
AstainHellbring (Testing)
And as always a big THANK YOU to all the guys in the Vega and Adam camps!


I would like to give an extra thanks to fosser2, because with out him this project would have been dead after ICS. He worked non-stop to bring you the latest and greatest even as other developers moved on to other things.


I know some of you are looking for all of the NvFlash and ROM files, so here are the links to all of the NvFlash versions and ROMs (some dating back to the beginning) still hosted on the site. Some of these were test versions so as always you are flashing any of these at your own risk):

NvFlash Files


Touch Recovery

**If you will be returning to these links, please bookmark this page and not the links themselves as these links may change in the future.**

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