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Team DRH was a group of people that kept the G-Tablet alive as long as they possibly could. Unfortunately all of us at Team DRH have had to move on. We would like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the years!

DRH Team Members: fosser2The3DmaNplastikman, Ch3vr0n5, Mayday_Jaytreznorx, dwagner, tlb1961, busa_blade, jaybob413, fards (Honorable Member), SPraus, redeyedjedi, Adamj311,thexfactor2011

The following people have contributed to Team DRH in some way and they deserve some recognition!
Clemsyn (Kernel Development Help)
Pagantek (Amazing video documentation)
Supreme360 (Artwork)
evilgohan2 (Artwork and testing)
poursoul (Donations and lots of laughs)
MC-Gtab (Testing)
Urufu_Shinjiro (Testing)
Mohan_Varma (Contributor)
Phoenix84 (Contributor)
AstainHellbring (Testing)
And as always a big THANK YOU to all the guys in the Vega and Adam camps!


I would like to give an extra thanks to fosser2, because with out him this project would have been dead after ICS. He worked non-stop to bring you the latest and greatest even as other developers moved on to other things.


I know some of you are looking for all of the NvFlash and ROM files, so here are the links to all of the NvFlash versions and ROMs (some dating back to the beginning) still hosted on the site. Some of these were test versions so as always you are flashing any of these at your own risk):

NvFlash Files


Touch Recovery

**If you will be returning to these links, please bookmark this page and not the links themselves as these links may change in the future.**

Team DRH Moved On
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Team DRH Moved On
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  1. Hi There! Thanks for leaving the files available. Almost all links related to the Gtablet that we find in forums seem to be broken.

    Wondered if I could have some help. I had an unrooted gtablet. Tried to install CWM but it didn´t work and now won´t initiate anymore. Already tried several NVflashs but tablet won´t iniate, not even in recovery mode. In two attemps, the flash managed to install a rom and initiate, but when I shut down it won´t turn back on. I had originally a v1.2. One of the nvflashes that worked was 1.1. Would anyone have any suggestions? wich nvflash to install first?

    Many thanks!

  2. Not sure how I got here, but like fosser said, nice to see that these are still hosted here. As awful as the gtab was, Team DRH made it usable even if only for a short time.

    Good times,


  3. Hi guys,
    first of all I always want to thank you for all you did for this tablet that it’s an old one now.
    I would like to build a new rom based on ubuntu touch, the only thing I need to know is if I can start by using the paranoid rom , because reading wiki page they say that you need to be sure it’s respecting the format used by AOSP (device//).
    In case of negative reply, what would it be the best rom which starting from?
    Thanks everyone,

    PS: please reply here and on my e-mail address.

  4. Hey dude, just wanted to say thanks for still having working links to these files! Hope you’ve been well.

  5. Thank you for making all the work and for making the results available for us now as the team has moved on.

    One question has been bothering me all this time. Please ignore and delete it, if it’s inappropriate. I really don’t mean to touch someone’s feelings. But I feel that I should ask it.
    English is my third language, not a native one, so I find it useful to investigate new idioms I come across.
    It seems that you have always stated the DRH_disclaimer.h, but I’ve never actually found the answer. I mean the words standing behind the letters are explained; but is this all connected with the meaning behind the logo found in settings of your roms?

    1. Hah! All of a sudden I came across the exact answer just after I posted the question ) Shame on me for connecting DRH meaning with the logo in settings )

  6. Thanks for making the GTAB better,heard about you by watching Ray Waldo video
    and I might add that I installed TeamDRH Jelly Bean on mine.
    I thought that I saw an article about fixing the camera problem
    but can’t remember where,did you guys came up with a solution?

    1. Unfortunately it has been so long since I had my Gtab that I cannot remember if we ever fully fixed the camera in JB, I don’t believe we ever got around to that before the team moved on.

      1. Wondering if theres a way to get my hands on NvFlash and a Rom for the Gtab I lost the Flash Drive containing it all and the Baked BlackBean was the las but had an issue and now were stuck in the TDRH Screen unable to flash any roms to mini sd

          1. Thanks for the reply but I am in need of something I can download and am unable to download these files from Drive… Ty

    1. I think I got it I resolved an issue with my P.C that was conflicting with my MediaFire on the desktop.
      Man am I glad you have these files .

  7. Just wanted to say thank you. You guys have given me and others a device that has been a lot of help and I have gotten a lot of use out of. Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into it.

  8. Very grateful for all the work Team DRH has done and happy to find the old ROMs and NVFlash files here. Currently trying to get some life out of the old gtab.


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