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A Christmas Arrangement – Book Review

Christmas Cover

This is the third book in the Flower Shop Mystery series by Annie Adams. I don’t think that this is as long as her previous books, more like a novella, but still entertaining and worth reading.

Quincy is dumbfounded to find out that she’s still married and goes about finalizing the divorce while putting together the Christmas celebration for the town, her open house, and meeting Alex’s parents on top of the everyday things needed to keep her business running smoothly. She’s overwhelmed and nervous about meeting Alex’s parents and in true Quincy fashion, completely bungles things at the family dinner. Alex is doing his best to keep her spirits up and defend her to his mother, which only earns him more brownie points, and she tries and fails to make a good impression on the woman that is bent on hating her. There isn’t a murder in this book, which is why it’s not as lengthy as the other two books, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any embarrassing moments with the local police. This is a funny and fast read and I look forward to seeing what new mysteries she gets roped into solving next.

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