A Demon Bound – Book Review

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This is the first book in Debra Dunbar‘s Imp Series that I found on sale on Amazon.

Price: $13.99

The story is about a Low demon, Sam, that has been hiding out in the human realm. Demons and Angels had a war that ended in the truce with the Angels in Aaru and Demons in Hel. Crossing over into other realms is forbidden, and if the Demon is caught it will be killed on sight. Sam has been able to live in the human realm for an extended period of time by limiting her powers and doing her best to not draw attention to herself.

Her existence is outed when she kills a werewolf in self defense, and the pack’s leader – Candy – demands reparations. Candy demands that Sam kill the Angel that oversees the werewolves who has been killing innocent werewolves and lying by marking them to show they broke their existence treaty. Sam is a Low demon, an Imp, which would make the task difficult but not impossible. However, Althean’s boss  – Gregory – steps in to stop his actions and bring him back to Aaru for rehabilitation. Gregory is tasked with removing any demons that cross into the human realm, but he delays killing Sam in order to use her powers to trap Althean. While they try to trap him, Gregory Owns Sam and creates a bond between the two that perplexes them both.

This is a very well written story, with a solid cast of characters and an interesting take on the tales of Angels and Demons – as well as other fantasy creatures. There is plenty of humor and action as well. Yet, even with all of this going for it, I just couldn’t get into the story. It took me over a week to finish this book, because I could only handle reading a couple pages at a time. I’m sure there are plenty of other readers that will love this book, and I can see why they would, but I think I’ll have to pass on the other books unless I can find them on sale.

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