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Above the Bridge – Book Review

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This the first book in the Paige Mackenzie Mystery series by Deborah Garner. I found this book on sale through BookBub and have started reading the second book yesterday.

Paige is on assignment for her newspaper in Jackson Hole WY and while learning about the history and tourist attractions of the area, she hears about an old legend of hidden gold and works with a local rancher Jake to find it. There is a generations old mystery that they are trying to solve, and with the help of some time travel they are doing their best to find the gold and keep it away from those that want it all for themselves. I liked the history of the story and the mystery was intriguing, but I had to skip many parts because Garner went into way too much detail on the scenery. It reminded me of the books that keep repeating how handsome/good looking/sexy/breath taking the male lead is instead of actually developing his character. If you appreciate that style of writing, this book will be right up your alley. Otherwise, just skim over the details after you read the first description. I did like the storyline and look forward to seeing what happens in the next book and if she’ll be traveling back in time again.

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