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An Urchin of Means – Book Review

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This is the first book in April White’s The Baker’s Street series that will  be released on January 30th. It can be pre-ordered  now on Amazon,if you don’t want to wait. 

If you’ve read White’s Immortal Descendants series, which I highly recommend that you do, you’ll be happy to know that Ringo and Charlie now have their own spin off in this series. As you may have read in my previous reviews, I was not a fan of the main character in that series in the beginning. The only reason that I continued to read the first book was because I fell for the supporting characters, Ringo being one of them.

The book starts off while the couple trying to live their lives in their original time, Victorian London and reconciling what he knows of the future with how to live  to the fullest in this time period. As you can  imagine, Ringo is a bit restless with the new constraints placed on him and is reminded of his roots when he’s pick pocketed by a young girl named Jess. His life is soon  turned on its end, and he becomes the inspirations for a famous historical figure – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The way that White intertwines history with Ringo’s story is flawless and immerses you in the past. Victorian London is described with such imagery that you cannot help but be able to see Ringo and Jess on their travels trying to solve the mysteries they stumble into. Like her other books, there are numerous historical references and events that she’s researched before weaving it into the storyline. I  enjoy learning about which are true and  taking my own tour of  the past  after reading her books.

This is a wonderful beginning to the series, with plenty of action and intrigue as well as a solid cast of characters that draw you in to learn  more about their stories. I am looking forward to seeing what other mysteries Ringo, Charlie and the Irregular Misfits solve.

Although you don’t have to have read The Immortal Descendants series to read this book, they are  a great read and  I  recommend checking  them out.

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