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Annie’s 1st break – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mysteries series by Willee Amsden. I found this book on sale through BookBub, and I am thankful I didn’t pay for it and will not be continuing with the series.

Aside from the grammatical or spelling errors that ruins the mood when reading this book, the main character Annie is just too dumb to like. She’s a small town girl from Texas that is trying to make it big in New York’s fashion industry, but somehow has her hometown rival follow her and sabotaging her attempts at “making it big”. I get that this is supposed to be a  comedy, but the over the top situations – Brittany super glues Annie’s butt to a public toilet or the crazy dinner with the CEO and his family that ends with a snake choking one person and another having a heart attack – it’s not funny and not endearing in any way. I was shaking my head at her stupidity in getting herself into these situations. And her constant back and forth on if she should sleep with her boss is irritating. She wants to follow her “rules” and not sleep with him, but decides to stake her claim when Brittany tries to win him over. And Tomi isn’t that great of a guy to lust after, sure he’s good looking and has money but that’s all. He doesn’t listen to Annie about her concerns or problems with Brittany, gets upset and blames her when things go wrong, and has no moral integrity. I finished this book just so I could say that I gave it my all, and I’m left wishing that I had given up after the toilet seat incident.


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