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Beauty and the Mustache – Book Review

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Book four of Penny Reid‘s Knitting in the City series highlights Ashley and Drew’s love story. Having read the previous three books, I wasn’t sure if Ashley’s story was going to cut it since to me she’s more an add on character than a main character like Sandy or Fiona. But this was a great book that let the reader get to know her better.

This is more of a romance novel than the others because of Drew. He is portrayed as this larger than life wilderness manly man without the ability to interact normally with others. But he’s really the strong, silent type with a hidden passion for poetry and shows his feelings with his actions rather than speak them out loud. There are still plenty of laugh out loud moments, thanks to Ashley’s six brothers. They are the male versions of the knitting club gals. The story is made more heartfelt because of the close relationship Ashley has with her mother and how she struggles to cope with her illness while reconnecting with her brothers.

I recommend reading this book either as a stand alone or as the next in the series, it doesn’t disappoint. Also, there is a Winston Brother’s series for Ashley’s brothers that looks like a good spin off.

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