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Best Budget Buy Security Camera System

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Choosing a budget buy security camera system for your home or business can be a aggravating process. There are so many options and systems out there, and prices seem to be all over the place with budget buy security camera’s. Here are a couple recommendations that will help you with your purchase. First and foremost, if you are able buy all wired security cameras, they have less outages and provide better security overall. There is nothing worse than having a criminal hack into a WiFi camera you bought for security and finding out that they watched your cameras to find the best moment to break in. I don’t recommend and will not discuss WiFi cameras in this article for that reason. Wired camera’s are more secure. They can be a little harder to install, but not that much harder.

Second, never buy a pre-packaged system (cameras and recorder all in one). These package systems tend to have cheaper parts and you will just end up replacing the whole system or most of the cameras within a year or two. Buy your system piece by piece. It will cost a little more this way, but overall it will last longer and give you better quality. First start by choosing a camera. I have found that the Amcrest ProHD series camera’s tend to give you the most bang for your buck. They are durable, clear, easy to set up, and will work great in almost all environments. I specifically use the IP3M-956E model in my security camera system. The picture is beautiful, it has a good frame rate and is durable. Now, lets move on to mow many camera’s you should have. Let me start by saying that any amount of camera’s is better than no camera at all, but there are ways to enhance security with the number you install. You should always try to have one camera monitoring another. On a typical rectangle house you would think you only need four cameras, but with only four, a criminal could easily take out your cameras one by one without ever being seen on another camera. For this reason I recommend buying a minimum of eight cameras. Have a look at the camera diagram to show how having eight cameras can better protect your home by using each camera to monitor another camera. With an eight camera security camera system on a rectangle house, mounted properly, no criminal can get to one of your cameras without being spotted on another camera. This provides much better coverage and will ensure you capture everything that moves. You must be thinking by now, how is this a budget system? Eight cameras will cost me more than $900 and I still have other parts to buy. Well unfortunately good security never comes cheap, and if you can get a good system set up for right around $1500.00 and have it last for a long time, you will be much happier than spending $700 on a pre-packaged system that will fail within a year or so (This is what happened with my first cheap all-in-one Swann system). Security CameraWith some professional systems costing upwards of $10,000, this setup is a good deal comparatively. Your business and or family will thank you later for getting your security camera system right the first time. Your arms, legs, back and ladder will also thank you as well, from not having to climb up and replace all your camera’s one year after installing them. You may even get an insurance discount for having the security camera system in place and that could help pay you back for it with the insurance savings over time.

Lets move on to the other parts you will need to get your budget buy security camera system up and going. If you took my advice and bought the Amcrest ProHD IP3M-956E, you will need some CAT5e cable for each camera and a power over Ethernet (POE) multi-port switch. You will also need a CAT5e cable to run from your new multi-port POE switch to your home or business’s main router or switch. CAT5e cable can be found pretty inexpensive on Amazon. If you already have a spare PC and monitor lying around, your upfront costs will be significantly cheaper. You can buy security camera DVR’s online, but honestly, you will get more options and higher frame rate recordings if you dedicate a PC to the system (A PC is what I recommend). You will want the PC to have an i7 processor with at least 8GB of RAM and a minimum 1TB HD. These can also be found fairly inexpensive refurbished. Once you have all your cameras up and installed, your PC hooked up and networked, you will need good software for monitoring and recording your security camera’s. I highly recommend Blue Iris, it is by far the easiest to use and has more options than you will ever need. If you are a Linux enthusiast like me you can give ZoneMinder a try, it’s Open Source and free but can be much more complex to setup. This budget buy security camera system should be right at around $1500 depending on which cameras and PC you pick up and which software you use. If you already had a PC then you should be right around $1000 for a great budget buy security camera system. The last and most important step is to spend some time planning out your camera placement and angles, and spending some time to learn a little more about how the Blue Iris or ZoneMinder software works. 

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