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Best Shaver In The World – Phillips Norelco One Blade

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I hate shaving my beard… I don’t know why, but I have always hated it, and I am assuming that I am not the only one. Unfortunately, depending on your workplace, shaving your face can sometimes have a large impact on the way people perceive your professionalism. No matter how hard you work, let’s face it – there are a lot of managers and executives that always judge a book by its cover.

Over the years, I have used many shavers and razors. I have used the common triple head electric shavers that consistently seem to miss that one hair every time until you have gone over it so many times that you have no skin left. I have also used regular “Bic type” multi-blade razors, that leave your face feeling like you have a 3rd degree sunburn. I have even used a straight razor and after cutting myself accidentally one too many times, I gave up on that as well.

This year, I received a new Phillips Norelco One Blade shaver for Christmas. It was something I badly needed as my beard was getting out of control. I was not very excited about getting. Until I tried it…

Holy cow (The edited version of my actual reaction)!! The Phillips Norelco One Blade is incredible. First off, I didn’t have to pre-shave/trim my beard shorter before using it, which is pretty much required with every other type of shaver. It was able to take all four inches of beard off down to smooth skin with one pass. It doesn’t shave quite as close as a multi-blade razor, but definitely matched the closeness of any regular electric shaver I have used. It also was able to get those few problematic hairs that other shavers had trouble getting, and it got them on the first try. My skin was left smooth and most importantly there was no razor burn or irritation to speak of. The Phillips Norelco One Blade can shave from either side of the blade (if you can call it a blade) which is very helpful, and significantly reduces the time needed to shave. I have yet to pinch or cut myself with this shaver, but I suppose it could be possible if you have pimples or thin loose skin. If you buy the kit, it also comes with attachments for those who only want to trim or maintain their beard. You can shave dry or with shaving gel/cream. The blades will last about 3-4 months of daily shaving according to the manufacture, and so far seem to hold up very well.

This shaver is not only for men! For the ladies (or gents) that are interested in using this for their legs, this will work for that as well. If you want to use this for the more intimate parts, as with any other shaver you do this at your own risk and will want to be extremely careful, as it is possible to pinch/cut yourself when shaving near any loose skin.

If you are like me and hate every shaver you have tried – try this one! I highly recommend it. The cost is low and the results are excellent. This is by far the best shaver I have ever used!


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