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Blood Domination – Book Review

Domination Cover

This is the fourth book in the Blood Destiny series by Connie Suttle.

Lissa’s adventures continue, this time on another planet. Since Xenides is doing all he can to get Lissa under his control, the powers that be think that it’s her best chance to survive if she’s taken off planet and out of his reach. This book took a little getting used to, since it went from being a traditional vampire/paranormal book but then took off onto a Syfy/fantasy route. I can’t complain since Suttle did a good job keeping the story interesting and the transition was easy enough, it just took a moment to wrap my head around a whole new galaxy for Lissa to be her usual badass self in. I like that new characters and beings are introduced with awesome skills and assets that help Lissa and look forward to the new worlds she visits next.

Make sure that you’ve read the first three books (Blood Wager, Blood Passage and Blood Sense) first so you are not confused about the cast of character and the storyline.

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