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Blood Queen – Book Review

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This is the sixth book in the Blood Destiny series by Connie Suttle. If you haven’t read the previous books, do not attempt to start with this one! You will be so lost and confused and miss out on all the necessary backstory to enjoy this book.

The book starts off right at the ending of book five, Griffin shows up and asks for her help in defending the High Demon world from destruction and transports her 300 years into the future and the middle of and intense battle between the good and bad guys. Like every other time she’s been needed, Lissa steps up and takes out the enemy, but with a huge sacrifice to herself. This book hits the ground running from the get go with lots of action, and even after all the fighting is over the challenges she has to face keep you engrossed and cheering for her to succeed. There are a lot of new characters introduced, and lots of old ones brought back too, which is kind of confusing to keep straight; but that’s the only downside to this book.

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