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Bought – Book Review


This is the second book in the Assassin’s Revenge series by Tara Crescent.

Ellie has successfully infiltrated an exclusive auction where willing women consent to being sold to the highest bidder for three months. It is a BDSM club that caters to the wealthy and very exclusive. She is on a mission to get Alexander Hamilton to buy her in order to gain access to the man that kidnapped her and get her revenge. But she is unprepared for Alexander to be Marc. She hopes that her disguise is good enough to fool him and that he won’t remember who she really is. After Alexander buys her, Ellie is forced to try keep her mission on tract and not fall in love with the man she knows nothing about but trusts instinctively. This story is very fast paced, and like the first book seems more like a novella than a full length book. My only issue with the book is how repetitive it gets with Ellie’s past. I know that every book in a series will give a brief recap of what’s happened. But this felt like Crescent was trying to meet her word quota and instead of adding more details or scenes she just repeated things over and over. Hopefully the next book won’t have that issue.


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