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Broken Wolf – Book Review

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This is the fourth book in the Curse of the Moon series by Stacy Claflin. If you have not read the previous three – Lost Wolf, Chosen Wolf and Hunted Wolf – you’ll need to read them before starting Broken Wolf or you will be lost and not know what is going on.

Toby and Victoria are working hard to plan their wedding, but Victoria has become obsessed with finding the wolf essence stone and is secretly searching for it. What she does not understand or care about is WHY the stone has been hidden for so long. While Toby is away trying to take care of tracking down Soleil, Victoria goes off to find the stone without telling anyone.

I’ve liked the adventures that Toby and Victoria have had in the previous books and how they’ve overcome so many obstacles to be together. But I didn’t like seeing that she’s not maturing/evolving as a character. She’s still running off without telling anyone where she’s going or what she’s trying to accomplish and ends up in trouble. She seems very immature in this book, and hopefully that’s just because of the influence of the wolf essence stone and she can break free of it. This is a quick read with lots of action, there are cameos from the Transformed series characters and it was nice to see they finally get married. I believe that there will be two more books in this series, but there is a spin off planned for Soleil so I’m sure that Toby and Victoria will make appearances in those books as well.

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