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Death of a “Fair Hand”

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Below are images of an article I wrote by hand, in hopes of inspiring people to take an interest in this almost dead art of handwriting. The pen is a wonderful instrument to those that know how to use it.

Fair Hand WritingFair Hand Writing

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If you cannot read this, you are not alone. Since typewriters and the beginning of the digital age, “fair hand” writing (cursive or joined-up) has fallen greatly from popularity. Schools are now teaching it at a later age, or slowly eliminating it altogether. I found myself wanting to write about this after trying to write a handwritten letter and ultimately not having a fair enough hand. It had been years since I had written anything other than my horrible signature in cursive. These days it is much faster to type up an email and click send. After thinking about my experience of trying to pick it back up again, I found myself wondering how many more generations will it take before fair hand writing is completely gone from society and unreadable to the younger generations. That would mean that without digital conversion to plain text, old documents of importance such as the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence will be unreadable to future generations in their original form. It is also my belief that people will not understand how much feeling and personalization goes into writing a letter by hand. Sure it takes longer but the result is a feeling of accomplishment and you get to create your own custom font :-). Writing by hand also forces one to think more about the words they are writing because there is no backspace. On the receiving end a greater sense of care is felt, more so than receiving a typewritten letter. The tradition of handwriting is however not yet lost forever, and can be made available to future generations by picking up where the schools leave off, and we as parents make sure our children are able to read and write with a “fair hand” and not just a keyboard. I will be taking the extra time with my children to pass this on to them with the hope that they will pass the same on to their children. I will also be taking the time myself to gain greater experience with this almost dead art form, and I hope reading this sparks your interest in doing the same.

– The3DmaN

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