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Death’s Hand – Book Review

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This is the first book in The Descent series by SM Reine. I found the box set of the first three books on sale through BookBub and I am very happy that I didn’t pay for them. Usually I can finish off a book in a day, two tops if it’s longer or my time is limited. I’m still trying to finish the last book in this set and it’s going on day 12.

I want to like this book, but I just can’t for two reasons: the main character and the flow of the book. Elise is supposed to be the best demon hunter in history so it’s safe to say she’s not a sunshine and rainbows kind of gal. But she’s just a pain in the ass, selfish and self-absorbed to the point that I cannot see how she has any friends let alone a boyfriend. If her personality wouldn’t turn you off from her, the way she always runs off to fight should be the biggest reason to stay far away. Usually if you’re the best there is, you’re really good at what you do. There are skills and strengths that you develop that help you in whatever situation you’re in. Elise is the best at running headlong into a battle with no plan or ideas on how to survive other than pure dumb luck. How she is considered the best demon hunter is inconceivable to me. There is plenty of action, since she’s fighting off demons and so many other supernatural beings it’s not worth trying to name them all, so the story has that going for it. But the sequence of events is all wonky. One chapter is present day, then there’s a random flashback with no warning and you’re left flipping back and re-reading because you think you missed something. It’s really annoying.

Also, I know that Reine doesn’t want to lay out all her ideas in the first book; but to hint at there is something more to this character and that she’s special in someway, but do nothing but give vague and unhelpful hints does not make me want to buy more books to find out what’s so unique about her. It’s not worth putting up with her as a character and the poorly laid out storyline.


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