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Don’t Buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch

I am no longer recommending the J&TOP Wireless controller (JYS-NS126). Read below for details. I am currently recommending the 8Bitdo controller or Official Nintendo Pro Controller. 

Some people (including myself) have received warnings from Windows Defender and AVG, flagging the firmware flashing app for the JYS controller as being infected with Win32:WrongInf-A [Susp] which appears to be a form of PPC adware. You have been warned! I have reached out to the manufacturer for comment. As much as I like this controller, I can no longer recommend it until the manufacturer provides a proven safe way for their customers to update it. Hopefully JYS will resolve this quickly. I am also hoping other 3rd Party Pro Controllers will be released soon. For now, I recommend paying Nintendo’s price for the Official Pro Controller, or picking up an 8Bitdo controller.

I received the below email response from JYS:

About the updater tool, it’s developed by ourselves, so it’s not so stable but please rest assurance that it’s not virus.

I still don’t trust it until it scans clean, so use it at your own risk.

Original Article:

There is now an update ( from the manufacturer available for the JYS controller that fixes the Bluetooth connection issue with Nintendo’s 4.0 update for the Switch.

Until recently, if you were looking for a wireless Nintendo Switch “Pro” controller, your only option was the Nintendo branded Pro Controller. I love Nintendo, but their accessories are overpriced – $70 for a controller?? Yeah… not happening Nintendo. You could get the Nintendo Licensed wired controller for much cheaper if you are into that sort of thing, I suppose. I am not that hardcore of a gamer that I need or want a wired controller, plus they have no motion controls or rumble. To my surprise, within the past few weeks 3rd party accessory makers began releasing wireless controllers that don’t need a separate bluetooth dongle and connect directly to the Switch, at less than half the price of the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Just like the official one, these controllers support motion control, screenshots as well as rumble. In fact, the only thing missing is NFC support which I never use anyway. I decided to take a risk and be one of the first to order the J&TOP Wireless controller (JYS-NS126) for $31.99 from Amazon, and I was not disappointed. The controller arrived quickly and was packaged nicely. The instructions for connecting to the switch were clear and easy to follow. The controller came with a 4′ USB-C chord for charging and connected nicely to the Switch dock. The controller connected to my Switch in seconds with no issues. The manual says the controller is PC compatible as well and has the ability to receive firmware updates should it ever need it. The controller feels good and sturdy, not too heavy, and not too light either. The joysticks had smooth movement and a good range. The buttons all pressed nicely, however I did notice a very slight rubbing with the R2 trigger button, but nothing that affected gameplay in any way, and it cleared up after a few more hours of use. Motion controls worked well, and the rumble was great although a little strong with certain vibration heavy games like Mario Kart. Battery life seemed to be very good, and lasted about 18-20 hours before needing a re-charge. The hand grips were very comfortable and the D-PAD worked extremely well. All in all, if you are looking for a “Pro Controller” for the Nintendo Switch and don’t need NFC, my suggestion is to skip the Nintendo branded one and pick up the J&TOP Wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch. Heck you can get two of them for the price of one Nintendo branded “Pro Controller” and play with a friend.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

  1. The latest production run of this controller comes with the latest firmware and works on a Switch running 4.0+ at time of comment.

  2. Jeff,

    You can force windows to make an exception for the software.

    I ended up doing that, and I was able to use it to update. It wasn’t the most intuitive software ever, but it worked, and I haven’t had any computer issues.

    I’m almost sure it is just the case of a false positive.

  3. Windows Defender still picks up a virus and deletes the installation tool. What a pain! If anyone has cleaned-up the tool (removing the malware), please provide a link!

  4. Does this still have the malware that was mentioned? I have wanted to get a cheap pro wireless controller and don’t know if I should get this one or the Devil one because I don’t want to pay full price for a pro controller. And if I get this if I should use Amazon or their site. I was looking to maybe getting a wired one if all else fails that that’s my last option.

    1. According to the manufacturer it does not…

      This is how they responded to me via email:
      “About the updater tool, it’s developed by ourselves, so it’s not so stable but please rest assurance that it’s not virus.”

      I still don’t trust it until it scans clean, so use it at your own risk.

      I will say that the controller still works great for me, I just hope I never have to use the update tool again. If I do, I will probably try it on Win in VirtualBox.

  5. Did you receive a reply from them?

  6. I backed off updating tonight because windows defender identified the updater as a Trojan. Surely this is a false positive. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. Re-checked with AVG and it came up as Win32:WrongInf-A [Susp]. It appears to be an adware program that pops up pay per click ads while browsing. Not sure why AVG didn’t pick it up the first time I ran it. I will email the manufacturer and see if I can get a response. For now, I will be editing this article to pull my previous recommended buy for the JYS controller.

  7. Can you update this using a Mac?

    1. Didnt work for me, tried with wine it couldnt find the drive for the controller. I emailed them to see if they have Mac support. Will update.

  8. I also have one and i emailed them. When uploading the new firmware you need to use the original type C cables. The jys one does not have transmission. it will not update the stick. Site is still down but they said they are working on it.

  9. Do you think you could help me, the switch just got a 4.0 update and i can no longer get it to work, it pairs but i cant get the switch to recognize it as a controller and the link for the firmware update does not seem to be working as of right now

    1. I have verified that the 4.0 update for the Switch does break 3rd Party wireless controller support. You are also correct that the JYS firmware page is down. I have reached out to JYS and will update here once I receive a reply.

      I have not updated to 4.0 on my switch yet. The manufacturer may have to issue an update for the controller. Once I try the switch update, I will post back with any info I find out.

    2. The Amazon page was just updated with a new answer saying a fix would be uploaded to their site within 3 days. Lets hope they are correct. I miss my controller already.

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