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This is the first book in the Assassin’s Revenge series by Tara Crescent that I found on sale through BookBub.

Ellie is a young woman that was kidnapped when she was 18 and taken to a man that beat, raped and kept her as his slave for two years before selling her a brothel once he got tired of her. She was rescued from that nightmare and began training to become an assassin in order to kill the men that raped her and the man that ordered her kidnapping. She’s been so focused on her mission that she doesn’t take the time to overcome her fear of men and intimacy until her mentor/rescuer forces her to confront things so she can move on. Marc is a man that has many secrets, but he’s instantly attracted to Ellie when they meet by chance in a shady bar in France. The chemistry between these two characters is great, and the storyline has some good twists that keep things interesting. This was a very quick read, it almost felt like a short story/novella, and I enjoyed not only the steamy sex scenes but the plot as well. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most DevicesJoin Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

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