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Friends Without Benefits – Book Review

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This is the second book in Penny Ried‘s Knitting in the City series that tells the story of Elizabeth and Nico. Like the previous book, this one is filled with witty and laugh out loud moments that make reading this book easy, fun and goes by quickly.

Unlike the first book, Elizabeth and Nico have a past that gets in the way of their relationship. Having grown up together there are years of history that Elizabeth has to overcome in order to see Nico for the good man that he is. Elizabeth’s character does not want to fall in love and even though her belief that you only have one true love is more annoying than endearing, she’s still a relatable character. Nico is a wonderful leading man that’s funny and sexy and a good balance for Elizabeth. The story is well written and enjoyable and rely’s on the characters and storyline and not the sex scenes. Another great book in this series.

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