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Gathering Blue – Book Review

Gathering Cover

This is the second book in The Giver quartet by Lois Lowry. The story follows the struggles of Kira and the people living in her community; a group that are rough, uncaring, and uncivilized.

Kira is a young girl that was born with a physical deformity which her community does not accept. They expose them to the elements in the Field of Leaving so they will die. Her life is spared because her mother fought for her life and taught her how to sew. When she is orphaned the Council takes her in to repair and finish the singers robe, a precious garment that tells the history of the people. While she’s working on the robe, she befriends Thomas the Carver and a little toddler named Jo. She soon discovers that the special treatment that she is receiving comes at a high cost and makes a decision to make the lives of her community better.

This was a good story, not as captivating as The Giver but still a good book. My biggest issue with both books are that they are so short; they are more of a short story then a full length novel. I was able to get The Giver for free and Gathering Blue on sale, but I won’t pay $7.99 or more for what I see as a short story. If I can get Messenger on sale, then I’d like to read the next in the series because I like the stories and the worlds that Lowry creates.

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