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Girl in Trouble – Book Review

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This is a new book in the Alex Mercer thriller series by Stacy Claflin, which will be available for sale for the next few days since today is the release day.

This is a spin off of the Gone trilogy, and it follows the kidnapping of Alex’s daughter Ariana. Alex is doing all that he can to find his daughter before she is killed, even though it’s not always within the boundaries of the law. This is a very fast paced book with lots of suspense and realism. Claflin is really good at suspense and there were times that I had to slow myself down so I wouldn’t miss anything in my rush to see what would happen next. There are some subtle hints that Alex would make a good cop, so we’ll have to see if it goes in that direction.

I have read the Gone trilogy, as well as the other two Gone stand alone books, so I was a bit confused about what happened with Alex and Zoey. It felt like I had missed some vital backstory about why they were no longer together. Eventually it is partly explained and hopefully more will come out if future books. You don’t have to have read the Gone series before this, but it does give some background to the other characters. Plus, they’re good books, win-win.

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