Google Play Nudestand *Graphic*

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Google Play Newsstand has recently gone through many changes, but one change that has still not been added  – even after multiple complaints from users – is content control for the Highlights section. Google does not allow users to choose what “news sources” are allowed to be shown in the Highlights section, and apparently they do not filter the articles they allow to pop up either.

Newsstand NudeWith kids having access to apps like this, there should be some way for parents to filter what sources can and can’t show up. To the left is a screenshot of an article that showed up on my Highlights feed today. I was looking through the articles while sitting on the couch with my young daughter next to me. As I scrolled past the article card, my daughter happened to be looking at my screen and asked “Dad why is there a naked man on your screen?”

Now don’t get me wrong, I take no issue with the publisher of the article. I firmly believe that publishers should be able to freely publish whatever they like. The only thing I take issue with is Google, who does not allow content control on a stock application that can easily be viewed or accessed by children.

I checked with other users, and they also reported this and similar articles with graphic content and some with profane titles showing up in their Highlight feeds.

I have emailed Google about adding this feature multiple times and have received no response. I also emailed them the screenshot below, so maybe it will trigger a response this time. If you also take issue with this, please send an email to Google or share this article. If enough people request content control maybe Google will get this added. For now, I will just have to make sure my kids are not around while I scroll through the Highlights Cards.

If you have Newsstand on your young kids devices and don’t want them viewing content like this I recommend blocking their access to this app in the meantime.


Google Play Nudestand *Graphic*
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Google Play Nudestand *Graphic*
How Google has failed to allow users to control the content that displays in the News feed
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