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I have never liked turn based strategies and I didn’t like X-COM. In fact, I dislike them so much that when I saw Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was loosely based on X-COM; I walked right past it in the store without taking a second look. One of the major problems with the Nintendo Switch, aside from the system availability, is the lack of quality AAA games (fortunately more are coming). If indy games are your thing, there are plenty. The e-shop is getting so many, it is beginning to resemble the Google Play Store with the number of low-budget games offered. After finishing all my other games, and with nothing else to play, I decided to take a risk and try a game that I was pretty sure I would not like. I figured I could always trade it in later for another game if I didn’t. I picked up Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

When I started the game, I thought I knew what to expect; but I found out was that I was horribly wrong. While it is technically a turn based strategy, there are a great number of free roaming puzzles to solve and goodies to find in between battles. Not all the goodies are great, but the puzzles were very entertaining and the dialog in the game was very humorous.  Not only that, but the battles were amazing! The sounds from the characters during the battles alone were enough to make me laugh. The controls were a breeze to learn and the skill system was not overly complicated like in other turn based strategies. The playable characters are well balanced and so are the enemies. I found myself not being able to put this game down. I even spent a few hours playing some multiplayer which was fun as well. My only criticism is that multiplayer should have been implemented into the main story and battles, rather than only being able to play separate levels specifically developed for multiplayer. The weapon system in the game was basic but still had enough options to suit different styles of playing and upgrades were not too difficult to acquire. All weapon upgrades are purchased by collecting coins which are not hard to come by in the game. The levels were designed well and while some were easy, others were pretty difficult to master, but none of them made me want to bang my head on the wall. Additionally the game has a season pass available for purchase in the e-shop that will soon bring new battles, story, and weapons. So for all those turn based strategy haters out there like myself, if you have a Nintendo Switch, buy this game today. You will not be disappointed. Ubisoft did a fantastic job of keeping up the reputation that Mario and other first party Nintendo games and characters comes with.

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