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Infinite Devotion – Book Review

Devotion Cover

This is the second book in L.E. Waters‘ Infinite series, and was just as enjoyable to read as the first. Maya continues to review her past incarnations on her journey to enlightenment; this time in Renaissance Italy, a stowaway in the Spanish Armada and an Irish Robin Hood.

Each life is vastly different from the others, but they all are beautifully written with characters that the reader can really connect to. The history is woven into each story so well that even though you know it’s fiction it doesn’t seem like fiction. I found myself Googling each era afterwards to see what was real from the stories because they created such an interest for me that I had to learn more. The characters and their lives are wonderfully rich, their worlds so detailed and their story’s heartbreaking and up lifting. This is another quick read as it was hard to put down from wanting to see what happens next. I definitely recommend this book, but make sure that you have read Infinite Sacrifice first so you won’t be lost.

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