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Infinite Faith – Book Review

Faith Cover

This is the fourth book in the Infinite series by L.E. Waters and I cannot wait for the final book to be released.

Maya is once again revisiting her past lives in order to reunite with her loved ones. This book only has two lives, a woman fighting in the American Civil War and a German woman that is institutionalized during the rise of Hitler’s reign of power and terror. Even though these lives are more recent and the history surrounding each war taught in schools, I was still surprised and amazed at all the twists and details of each woman’s courageous journey. Their stories are heartbreaking but the bonds shared with her loved ones is uplifting and soothing. Each life is filled with heartache and loss, and even when the ones she loves are lost, you see how important each person is and how they all influence her life. Knowing that they will be reunited again is what makes this series so addicting. Wanting to learn if they will “get it right” this time around or if they will make the same mistakes and have to wait to learn the lesson again.

As with the other books, I was compelled to look further into the history behind each story and was amazed at all that I learned about subjects that I thought I knew. I definitely recommend this book, but make sure that you’ve read the previous three (Infinite Sacrifice, Infinite Devotion and Infinite Loss) so you won’t be lost.

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