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Infinite Loss – Book Review

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This book is the third in L.E. Waters‘ Infinite series, and my favorite (so far). Maya’s journey continues and she reviews her past lives as a Lakota warrior, a  British spy during the American Revolution and as the famous Edgar Allen Poe.

As with the previous books, each life is filled with such history and detail that you are immediately transported and immersed in the story. I like this book the most because you are really starting to see all the bonds that Maya’s incarnations have with certain souls and how no matter which life they are in, they always seem to find one another – for good or bad. This book is filled with love and of course the gut wrenching pain of its loss. Each story is so poignant and stays with you after the life is over. I also liked how Maya would dream about her past relationships and tied them to her current life. It helped keep certain characters clear a lot easier then the graph at the end of each life. The flip side to that were a lot of re-reads of whole scenes with the current lifetime’s character in place for the past one to show the connection. I did end up skimming over most of the dream scenes from her past lives once I read who the new incarnation of the past friend was since I already know what happens. I hope that sentence made as much sense to you reading it as it did in my head 🙂

L.E. Waters is a very talented writer that creates such amazing characters that bring history to life without making it seem like you’re reading a boring or dry textbook. I definitely recommend reading this book, but as with Infinite Devotion, you have to read Infinite Sacrifice first.

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