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Loose Ends – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Mary O’Reilly series by Terri Reid that I found for sale through BookBub. It’s a paranormal mystery that follows the cases of former Chicago cop turned P.I., Mary O’Reilly. I’ve been going through a lot of series books, as can be seen from my previous reviews, and I’ll be adding this to my continued reading list to see what happens next.

Mary was a Chicago cop that died on duty but was given the choice to come back with the ability to see ghosts that have not crossed over so that she can help them. I like that Mary is a no nonsense woman, smart and funny with a great set of friends that help her get into (and out) of trouble. The cases she works on are intriguing and not laid out from the beginning, which helped keep me on my toes wondering who the killer could be. There are plenty of laughs and action so the book is a quick read. It’s not so far fetched that if you’re not a fan of paranormal it would turn you off, but the ghost aspect gives a nice twist to the book.

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