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Lost Wolf – Book Review

Lost Cover

I’ve been a fan of Stacy Claflin since her Transformed series. One of the characters in that series, Toby, now has his own spin off which myself and a lot of other fans are very happy about. You don’t need to have read the Transformed series to enjoy this one, but I highly recommend reading them as they are good books.

This book starts off with Toby bring reunited with his long lost love Victoria. The problem is, she has no memory, literally no memory, of anything before her starting college. There are outside forces that are keeping them apart and Toby has to figure out a way to get her memories back so they can be together. The are a lot of new characters introduced, as well as some old ones from the Transformed series that make appearances.

This is a quick and entertaining read for those that like paranormal, mystery and romance books.

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