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Miriya – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Double Helix Case Files that is a spin-off or short story (depending on how you view these kinds of books) of the Double Helix series by Jade Kerrion. It’s included in the Double Helix Collection that’s available on Amazon or you can purchase it separately.

The DH Case Files are additional books focused on one of the lead characters in the DH series, which I did not know about until after reading Perfection Unleashed. Having read those two books out of order, I missed out on Miriya’s backstory and skimmed parts of this book when the scenes overlapped from Perfection Unleashed. Having said that, you don’t have a to read any of the Case Files books in any particular order with the DH series. If the others are anything like Miriya’s book, they are simply additions and fillers to the original series.

I liked Miriya’s character in Perfection Unleashed and enjoyed reading her background story in this book. Miriya had been living a fairly quiet life, trying to stay under the Council’s radar while living the life she desires through the use of her telepathic powers. She is unwillingly pulled into the Mutant Affair Council because of an alpha precog’s vision and through her relationship with an old friend. Her training is rushed in order to meet a deadline for a Mardi Gras party that she and Jake have to crash. As with Perfection Unleashed, there is a lot of action and a good story with a well developed cast of characters that grabs and holds your attention until the end. I would consider this a short story since the page count is slightly over 100, but it does not lack in any way. It’s still a really good read that helps the reader better understand the characters in the DH series.

Overall, this is a quick and enjoyable read that helps fill out the DH world even more. I recommend reading them in conjunction with the main books in the series so there are no gaps in the storyline.

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