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Neanderthal Seeks Human – Book Review

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Penny Reid is a very talented writer that has put together a very witty, funny, well written romance with a group of women that are easy to relate to. This was a book that I found on sale through BookBub, and although the title made me question buying it I am more then happy that I did. There are several books in the series – Knitting in the City – but this is the first and introduces all the characters that will follow.

I’ve read many romance novel, many of which are the same story told over and over with varying levels of sex and hysterical women, but this was nothing like other modern romances. Janie is a great character that makes you laugh, not at her but at her quirks that make her story so funny. Quinn is the typical leading male – strong and silent – but he doesn’t overshadow Janie’s character or make focus of the story about him and how amazing he is. Even though they are both attractive characters, the chemistry between them isn’t about the physical. It’s not about his ‘large, throbbing’ anything or her ‘wet, needy’ other things. There are no dark secrets that keep them apart or minor miscommunication that gets blown out of proportion like other typical storylines in most romance novels either.

The group of women that Janie is friends with in her knitting club are also great characters that are very real and the kind of friends that every woman needs in her life. They each bring something to the relationship that is unique and they are good in supportive roles as well as leading. I highly recommend this book, as well as the others in this series.

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