Nintendo Switch Football Is Here: FIFA 18

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The worlds most popular sport is now on the Nintendo Switch and it is truly fantastic! Football (Soccer) has long been one of my favorite sports, but one that has had a rough past with Nintendo systems. That changed yesterday with the release of FIFA 18 for the Switch. I have put over 20 hours in already, and I can say I am truly impressed.

When compared graphically to the version released on other systems from Microsoft and Sony, FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch does fall a little short. However, the Switch version has one advantage they don’t – portability. The portability of this game makes any minor graphical loss insignificant, especially when compared to previous versions of the game released for other portable systems that were graphically sub par. Being able to play football on the go is one of the biggest selling points for me. The gameplay is super smooth and offers different playing modes; such as the ability to play as one specific player (the rest of the team is controlled by the AI) or the ability to play as every player on the team (whoever has the ball is controlled by you). Personally, I enjoyed playing as the entire team a little more. For someone who does not play sports games often, the menus seemed a little unorganized and could be confusing for some, but did not have enough of an impact to change my recommendation for this game. Gameplay is what it’s all about and EA executed that perfectly. The controls are great, customizable,  and at no point was I struggling to figure them out, even when playing using to Joy-Cons. The audio and commentary for the game really makes you feel like you are standing in the stadium, especially when connected to a surround sound system. The AI  is difficult, but not so difficult that beginners would get overly frustrated (unless of course they are playing on the most difficult setting) and was a pleasure to play against. I spent most of my time playing on semi-pro difficulty as I am more of a casual gamer. Playing with friends and family locally is great and works well, and provides hours of fun and exciting gameplay. FIFA 18 also supports online multiplayer; however, currently does not support playing with friends online. For now, you can only play against strangers. This was not a huge issue for me, but may be for the more dedicated sports gamers out there. Hopefully EA will issue an update to add that in the future. FIFA 18 also did not include the “Journey” mode that is included on other systems. From what I read about it, that mode didn’t really interest me anyway. Being able to take this game on the go with the Nintendo Switch does have its small sacrifices, but none that changed my decision to pick this title up. It is an amazing football game and well worth every penny I paid. I highly recommend FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch, it is one of the best games released to date, and definitely the best portable football game ever released.

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