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Perfection Unleashed – Book Review

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Perfection Unleashed is the first book in the Double Helix series by Jade Kerrion, which is available for sale on Amazon.

I read this book on the recommendation of another author, and I was hooked after the first chapter. The storyline is very fast paced and I found myself bouncing back and forth between liking and hating one of the main characters – Zara. She is an extremely tough and capable mercenary that you can’t help but admire even when you don’t agree with her viewpoint. She does not waiver in her convictions and commits herself completely to the people she cares for and the tasks she undertakes. There were a few books that I’ve recently read that tried to have this sort of female lead, but fell drastically short of creating. Zara is a great example of what a strong female lead is supposed to be like; not only physically strong and capable of handling herself in battle, but also strong in personality and beliefs. In the beginning chapters I liked her, how she handled situations and the enemies that she encountered were admirable. It wasn’t until Danyael was introduced that I started to see how perfectly flawed Zara can be. Danyael is the main male lead of the book, and he is a wonderfully complex and troubled character. It was intriguing to go from liking the physically strong Zara to rooting for the emotionally strong Danyael and hating to see how horribly he was treated by those around him.

So, the premise of the book is based on the tensions surrounding the creation of a perfect human through genetic engineering and the varied groups that represent different factions of the population. There is a wide variety of people – standard humans, mutants, in vitro humans and clones; but within the mutant category there are people that are considered alphas. Those are the ones with the strongest abilities and they are the ones most feared and desired on both sides (whether dead or alive depends on the group). The Mutant Affairs Council is in charge of mutants and does it’s best to create a peaceful co-existence with humans. Remind you of any wheelchair bound professors? At odds with the Council is the Mutant Assault Group, they are not introduced until later in the book, but I’m sure that they will play a larger and more pivotal role in the coming books. There is also the Purest Humanity group, a pro-humanist military group that is trying to take down Pioneer Labs for creating Galahad (the previously mentioned lab created perfect human). Don’t let this deter you from reading this book – the groups and setting are woven really well into the story and are not confusing at all. Zara, female lead, breaks into Pioneer Labs to steal a tissue sample of Galahad and ends up freeing him. That sets into motion a chain of events that pulls in Danyael, male lead, and a great supporting cast of characters as they all try and figure out how and why Galahad was created and how to escape all the varied groups that are now after them.

This book was a great read, very fast paced and the detailed world is realistic with relatable characters. There are a lot of moving parts to this book, mutant groups, military groups etc – but they are all very well balanced and you are not overwhelmed by it at all. I was caught off guard a couple times with the well placed twists in the plot, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of the series.

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