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Pretending to Love – Book Review

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I found this book by Ashton Cartwright on sale through BookBub and was pleasantly surprised by how humorous I found it. The first chapter threw me for a loop, since I was expecting a comedy about a couple in a relationship. Yes, I know, I should have read the summary a bit better and wouldn’t have been confused. Face palm for me!

The book is very funny with great “tips” about how to find the perfect partner and maintaining a happy relationship. Even with as sarcastic as Cartwright can be with his advice, you can’t help but see the kernel of truth behind the humor. Such as, how men and women always put so much effort into the beginning of a the relationship to attract a bf/gf but once the relationship is established, that falls to the wayside. This was a quick and fun read that gave me more than a few chuckles at Cartwright’s somewhat twisted and odd sense of humor.

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