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Return of the Palefeather – Book Review

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This is the second book in the Time Walkers series by E.B. Brown and it was a lot easier to read than the first.

Maggie is still in the 1600’s with Winn and they are working on finding a place that they and their family can stay and be safe. Thankfully, she’s growing and her strength/stubbornness that was such a hinderance in the first book is slightly better with her use of patience. Since Maggie knows what will happen, or at least some of it that’s been taught in her history lessons from school, they are helping as many in their group as they can to navigate the hostile environment between the settlers and the Native Americans. The history in this book is very interesting and I found myself wondering how much was fiction vs fact. The story goes by quickly with some good twists that I was not expecting. Make sure that you’ve read the first book, The Legend of the Bloodstone, first so that you are not confused.

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