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Save $40 on Batman: The Telltale Series for Nintendo Switch

Batman Telltale

I don’t normally review terrible products, however, this time I decided to make an exception. I recently picked up Batman: The Telltale Series Season 1 for the Nintendo Switch. Before I get into details, I will tell you that I do not recommend this game and you can save $40 by not buying it.

At first, I actually liked the fact that this was more of an animated mini-series with some actionable content than it was a game. The first episode went pretty well I made it all the way through with no issues, the game gives you plenty of time to press the requested buttons or stick direction. Then came episode 2. I was 3/4 of the way through the episode when I became distracted by something outside the game in the middle of an actionable fight scene. Needless to say, I died. After pressing “B” to restart the fight scene, the screen went black and never recovered. I was able to pause still, but if I pressed pause then resumed it went back to the same black screen. I left it for a half hour hoping it was just a loading time glitch. It was not. At this point my only option was to pause and return to the main menu, which doing so forced me to restart the whole episode and repeat an hours worth of content before having the same thing happen again (this time on a different scene). Apparently the save feature does not work properly and does not let you resume from the last scene completed before the game glitches.

Unfortunately this was not a one time glitch. This happened to me on every episode I tried after the first (2-5). It was so frustrating that I ended up having to watch the remaining episodes on YouTube just to figure out what happened in the story. I could have saved my $40 and done that to begin with. The sad part is that the story was actually very engaging. The controls were limited and sometimes wonky, and there was really not much actionable content in the game outside of answering “Choose your own adventure” style questions. This would have been fine, if not for the black screen glitch that happened during the few times you were actually allowed to do something in the game.

Hopefully Telltale Games will fix this with a patch for anyone unfortunate enough to buy this for their Nintendo Switch, but with the re-playability of this game being pretty much zero, it will be to late for me to enjoy the game further. Don’t waste your money on this title, there are much better Nintendo Switch games out there.

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