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Skin Deep – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Dark World:Skin Walker series by T.G. Ayer, which I found on sale through Amazon.

I have never read any of Ayer’s books before, and this might be why I had a hard time with this one. The background of the characters are weak and I was left to guess about their special abilities and world that they inhabit too many times. Kai (female lead) is a shapeshifter that lives amongst humans and hunts wraiths that cross over into this realm. She comes across another ‘skin walker’ that was brutally murdered and works with a paranormal investigator -Logan- to solve the crime. They both keep their abilities a secret so there is the usual tap dance around each other while they try to find answers without showing what they can do. There is a wide range of characters – shapeshifter, wizards, wraiths, etc – so it can be difficult to  keep them all straight. My biggest issue with Kai is that she is introduced as the tough and capable wraith hunter with skills and abilities that make  her unique, strong and able to handle anything that comes at her. Unfortunately, she gets her butt kicked so many times it’s a wonder she is able to take anyone down, let alone a group of super strong villains. The story is just ok, not very well laid out as it skips around a lot, and has no real surprises, twists or turns that keep your interest.

I was able to finish this book fairly quickly, about 4 days, but that’s mainly because I had other books I wanted to read and  had to finish this before starting them. I didn’t find the characters very relatable and they lacked depth. There is potential for this to become a good series, but I do not have any desire to waste the money finding out if it will improve.

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