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Somewhere in Time – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Crosse Harbor Time Travel Trilogy by Barbara Bretton and can  be found on Amazon.

Emilie Crosse is a historian, with a passion for Colonial and Revolutionary era times. Her ex husband Zane is a wealthy heir with roots that date back to the founding of America. After Zane inherits his families historical home, he decides that he will turn it over so that it can be preserved and made into a museum since he has no desire to be rooted to one place simply because of his ancestors. When he goes to have a family heirloom (a soldiers uniform) appraised for  authenticity, he has to go to Emilie as this is her specialty. They reconnect and during a freak storm, time travel back to Crosse Harbor 1776. There they accidentally meet with Emilie’s hero Andrew. History told of his daring rescue of General Washington, and she had been enamored with him ever since.  While Emilie embraces living in 1776 – even with the eye opening lifestyle that she thought she knew so well; Zane struggles to find his way while planning on  how he will get them back to their time. Andrew is a spy for Washington, and uses Emilie and Zane’s knowledge to help those in the fight for freedom. Soon,Emilie finds herself torn between her love for Zane and  her growing love for Andrew, all while doing what she can to help her new friends and the cause.

I’m a big fan of historical fictions, especially American history. This book is a very well written story about life in this time, the struggles of the common people as well as the risks those that fought for freedom faced. The entire cast of characters no matter  how small the part are realistic, endearing and relatable. Even knowing the ending  – the United States gaining it’s freedom and establishing this great country – the efforts it took to get there are sometimes lost in the big picture. This book highlights those moments and I look forward to reading the other books to see what happens to Emilie,Zane and Andrew.

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