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The Delphi Agenda – Book Review

Delphi Cover

This is the first book in the Lisa Emmer series by Rob Swigart. I found this for sale through BookBub and I’m thankful I didn’t have to buy it.

I like historical fictions, especially when a good writer weaves history with a gripping story. What I first noticed when reading this was this is a lot like Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code. But, having such a huge hit like that come before any novel will either be in its shadow or compared. So, taking that into account, this is a good thriller about secret societies that are trying to eliminate each other. The most irritating parts of this book are when Swigart goes into way too much detail over things as mundane and unnecessary as street names and directions around a city or uses a foreign language with no translation. The story is supposed to be fast paced and exciting, but I had a very hard time staying interested and finishing this book.

If you can get it for free, and like mystery and suspense books you might want to check it out; but I don’t recommend paying for it.

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