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The Final Arrangement – Book Review

Final Cover

This is the first book in the Flower Shop Mystery series by Annie Adams. I found this entire box set on sale through BookBub, but have only finished the first one so far.

Quincy is a typical female lead – she’s quirky, strong willed and has issues with men. Thankfully, she also has a decent head on her shoulders so it doesn’t feel like you’re just watching a bloopers reel when reading her exploits. Quincy is a struggling flower shop owner that is a suspect in a rival florists murder. If that’s not enough, she’s also dealing with a vengeful abusive ex-husband and his family, her sister’s abusive boyfriend, slacker employees and an overbearing mother. There’s also a cute cop, Alex, that’s trying to be her knight in shining armor, which she wants nothing to do with. Think, I am woman hear me roar. This is a fun, quick and easy book to read and I look forward to see what Quincy gets into next.

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