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The Gone Trilogy – Book Review

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There are three books to this set by Stacy Claflin. This was the first suspense book that I’ve read from Claflin, but I’ve enjoyed her paranormal and romance books, so I gave this one a try. It was a definite page turner that I finished in one sitting. It is cheaper to buy the set on Amazon, but they can be purchased individually as well.

The story follows Mercy’s kidnapping and all the horrors she has to face trying to escape from the madman that wants to keep her captive. It definitely plays on most parents fears of a psycho stalker that befriends a child/teen online by pretending to someone they are not. All the characters are well written with hidden issues that come to light with Mercy’s kidnapping. The story is believable and keeps the reader engaged throughout. This is a fast paced and quick read that will be hard to put down until you’ve reached the ending.

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