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The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Housewife Assassin’s series by Josie Brown. It’s currently on sale through Amazon.

Donna is a woman that is doubling as an assassin for a covert government agency and a mother to her 3 children. As you can imagine, this is not an easy task. She joined Acme after learning that her husband was an assassin that was killed trying to take down a terrorist group called Quorum. She had no idea of his real job, but decided to avenge his death  by taking down the group that killed him. Fast forward a couple years and she’s juggling motherhood and spy work when Acme tells her that Quorum is planning an attack in her town. They send in another agent to move in with her and pretend to be her husband since no one knows  that  he’s really dead. Predictably, Jack and Donna do not get along in the beginning because she’s still mourning her husband, but they soon fall for each other.  She also  has a hard time accepting that her kids are bonding with Jack and she fears that he will walk away from them all when the mission is completed. Although Donna and Jack are working hard to find out which one of her neighbors is actually an  agent for Quorum, they haven’t been able to find any good leads. There are several attempts  on her life, and although she should have kept at  least one of them alive for questioning, she kills them all before she can learn anything about their plans. Brown tries to throw in a couple of surprises and twists, but like the romance between Donna and Jack, they are predictable and easy to figure out. I won’t go into it further, because if I do it will give away the entire book.

I am surprised to know that there are 12 books in this series. I had a rough go finishing this one and have no plans on continuing to read about Donna and Jack. Donna is supposed to be this super BA assassin with skills to help her in any situation. While there are a couple times she pulls off some good moves, overall she comes across as a bumbling trainee. It might be because it’s hard to create a lead character that’s a mother with all those crazy parenting issues, as well as a trained killer. There were numerous times that I shook my head and thought, a REAL assassin wouldn’t  lose  the key to deactivate a nuclear bomb to her daughters playmate! or other such scenario. I’m  not sure if this was supposed to be considered a comedy, because I did not laugh or find any parts of this book humerous – especially those “etiquette” openers to each chapter. The  characters are just not really developed, the plot is very mundane and predictable and the action/romance scenes  are very underwhelming. There’s  no tension or  suspense when she’s fighting for her  life, there’s no heartwarming feelings when Donna and Jack start their relationship, it’s just a  blah read that didn’t really hold my attention but I finished just to have to over with. I recommend skipping this one, unless you just want something to read to pass the time.

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