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The Legend of the Bloodstone – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Time Walkers series by E.B. Brown that I found on sale through BookBub. It’s a good book and series that was quick and fun to read.

Maggie is a 21st century woman that is going to college and trying to deal with the death of her grandfather. While working in the family barn, she cuts her hand and picks up a stone that transports her back to 1622  and the town of Jamestown. She is captured by a Powhatan warrior and struggles with accepting her travel back in time. As can be expected, she has trouble fitting in with the role that women have during that time period. However, it’s her attitude that is her biggest problem. She’s so immature and stubborn that it causes more issues for her and makes her time with the Powhatan people more dangerous than it needs to be. I almost stopped reading this book because Maggie was such a frustrating character, but thankfully the other characters and the historical world that Brown created kept me hooked until the end. I recommend if you read this book to try to over look Maggie’s dumb choices so you can enjoy the book more.


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