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This is the second book in the Paige Mackenzie Mystery series by Deborah Garner, and it was much better than the first.

Paige is once again heading out west, this time to do research for an article on sapphire mines, to coincide with a gem symposium. When she arrives in Timberton, she’s not sure if there will be enough to write her article about. She soon connects with the town’s interesting characters and when she finds a hidden diary, she’s hooked and wants to stay until she can solve the mystery. Jake make appearances throughout the book and their romance continues to bloom which is a welcome change from many insta-love romances I’ve read. I liked how the characters seemed so outrageous one moment and endearing the next. This has the same historical mystery like Above the Arch did, but thankfully no supernatural events or time travel was needed. You don’t have to have read the first book in order to follow this one, but it’s helpful since there are repeating characters and it will help to know their ties to Paige.

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I’ll be putting the next book in the series in my to read list to see what other mysteries Paige will solve.

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