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The Mystery Box – Book Review

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This is the first book in the Mystery Book Collection by Eva Pohler. I found this on sale through BookBub and will be adding the next book in the series to my collection.

Yvette is a typical stay at home mother, her life revolves around her kids and husband and she feels like she’s stuck in a rut. She wishes her life were more exciting and that her family appreciated all that she does for them. Their neighbor that lives behind them is a creepy lady that they have nicknamed Cruella. Yvette receives a box that is addressed to Mona, but with Yvette’s address. After she finds out it’s for Cruella, she brings it to her neighbor in the hopes of just dropping it off and leaving but is then pulled into a strange tale of love, cruelty, kidnapping, and escape. The book is very fast paced and even though there are some editing issues I found that I was just as hooked as Yvette to hear Mona’s story. My only complaint is her use of phrases over and over, such as ‘no backbone’. It got really old, really fast. Hopefully, that won’t happen in the  next book.

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