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The Shack – Book Review

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This is a book written by William P. Young that was recommended to me by several people, and which is now a movie you can see in theaters.

I knew a little about the plot before starting this book, and usually I don’t like to hear all the hype and build up from others; but I was impressed by how many told me that this book had such an impact on them, their life and their faith. I wish that I could say the same, but although I enjoyed the book it didn’t give me the overwhelming/joyous feeling that so many other readers told me about.

I liked how Young found a way to make God approachable – not the all knowing, seemingly aloof, creator of the universe – but a loving and deeply compassionate God that wants the best for all his children. The story is heartbreaking and I cried a few times thinking of all the pain that Mack and his family must be going through. It was interesting to see his transformation from an outside believer to fully accepting his faith and establishing a relationship with God. The conversations that they had did go over my head a few times and I ended up re-reading some passages to wrap my mind around the concepts presented. But it didn’t detract from the story in any way, because there are some very deep moments in the book that make you pause and see how it applies to your life. Overall, I think that this was a good book and that it shows how a person’s faith is supposed to help them through all of life’s struggles and triumphs. If you’re a religious person, especially Christian, then I believe that this would have an even bigger impact on you.

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