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The Student – Book Review

Student Cover

This is the second book in The Professor series by Josie Leigh. Like the previous book, this would be considered a novella, but it is definitely worth reading if you’ve read the first one and want to see what happened after it left off with the cliffhanger.

The story picks up right where The Professor left off, leaving Sabrina and Damien trying to cope with the past and figure out if the trust they have together is real. There are sex scenes in this book, it delves a bit more into the Dom/sub relationship, but the story is not based on the sex. There is an actual relationship between the characters and there is also a good plot to follow along. There is a cliffhanger ending, but nothing like the first novella. Celeste has something up her sleeve and I think that she’ll play her hand in the next installment. This is another quick, fun, sexy read but you’ll need to have read The Professor first in order to understand the story.


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