The War On E-Cigarettes

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A couple weeks ago, I was invited to a family get together. Shortly after arriving I felt the urge to use my e-cigarette. To be polite as I always am when in a house that is not my own, I asked the hosts if they would mind me using my e-cigarette inside. The response I received was the same response that I get from everyone who’s only education on e-cigarettes has been the one taught by the FDA and State Government. The response was “Don’t those things make harmful smoke?” As luck would have it one of my other family members –  who is a chemist that is properly educated on the contents of the e-cigarette “smoke” – jumped in to explain the contents of the vapor and that minus the nicotine which is a choice to add or not they are perfectly safe.

So if e-cigarettes are so safe then why are the FDA and state governments trying so hard to ban it?

It is all about the government forcing e-cigarettes into a category that they can tax regulate; while tobacco companies sponsor the legislation as their loss in customer base and profits grow larger. They start off by confusing and misinforming the masses on the topic, so that they can place their bans on them. They know that these bans won’t last long as more information comes out disputing the misinformation that they are currently generating. This puts them in the position to repeal the bans later, under the conditions that they are allowed to tax regulate them more thoroughly, and claim that the harsh tax regulations are the only way that e-cigarettes can be made safe.

There you have it. The war on e-cigarettes is all about funneling our tax dollars, along with contributions from tobacco companies that want to stomp out the competition, into the pockets of our politicians.  Your health and well being is not the driving force for this scam. This time they are hurting the ex-smokers that are saving their own lives by ditching the regular cigarettes.

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The War On E-Cigarettes
How the FDA is starting a war that could be the downfall of e-cigarettes and bring ex-smokers right back to big tobacco.
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