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The3DmaN is Closing

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Thanks to the terrible decision by the Supreme Court of the United States that allows states to go after businesses that do not have a physical presence in their state and force them into collection of sales tax, The3DmaN will be closing up shop. We do not have the resources or time to monitor the ever changing laws of the 49 states outside of our own, nor can we afford to pay a service to monitor, track, file and distribute payments for us.

This decision by #SCOTUS will have a lasting effect on many small businesses around the country. Not only will this constitute a large tax increase on hard working Americans, but this will destroy the business of many “Mom and Pop” shops around the country that already had a hard enough time competing against the large corporations like Amazon and Walmart.

While we can’t vote out the Justices that made this decision, in the upcoming November elections and any election thereafter, we at The3DmaN strongly encourage you to vote out or not vote for any candidate that supported and/or encouraged this decision in any way.

As of today 06/22/18 all products have been removed from our site. The website itself will stay online until the existing hosting service runs out, and then will go offline. If anyone is interested in purchasing the domains ( & please reach out to me directly at

We wish the best to the American taxpayers and to any other small businesses that will now have to struggle through this poorly thought out change. Thank you to everyone who supported our business!

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