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This Present Darkness – Book Review

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This book by Frank Peretti has been around for a few years, five or more I believe, but it was just recently brought to my attention by a few friends so I took a chance on a referral and bought it. I read this in one sitting and am looking forward to reading the other books by Peretti.

I’ve read several angel vs demon books before, so this storyline isn’t new to me. But, the way that the eternal battle is presented in This Present Darkness is different and very engrossing. The story is very detailed and keeps you guessing about what will happen, especially when the final battle takes place. The characters are well written, realistic and relatable and the plot is twisted just enough to keep you on your toes. The imagery is amazing, they way that Peretti describes the angels and demons helps you create these creatures in your imagination that are so vivid, which only enhances the story. This is a religious based book, there is a lot of talk about God and how faith and prayers assist the angels and townspeople; but it’s not a cram it down your throat approach. You know from the get go, that the religious aspect of the book is there because it’s a battle of good and evil, angels and demons etc. It’s not to pressure or force Christianity on the readers.

I definitely recommend reading this book, and I have already added his next few to my to read list. I can’t wait!

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