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Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones Under $50

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With many smartphones and other devices removing the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth wireless headphones, now is the time to pick up a good set of Bluetooth Headphones. Despite what Apple and Google will have you believe, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good pair. Below are my Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones Under $50.

1: Photive BTH3

The Photive BTH3 headphones utilize Bluetooth 4.0, wirelessly stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet, and are free of annoying, tangled cords. They charge quickly and last up to 12 hours. They have a compact form factor, stylish design and have a built in microphone for phone calls or video chat. These headphones were designed to be small enough for you to comfortably tote around, and come with a solid case to store them in. These headphones are comfortable on the ears and the sound quality is top notch making this my number one pick for Bluetooth Headphones Under $50. The Photive BTH3 headphones can also be used as analog headphones by using the supplied 3.5mm super flat audio chord. These headphones have good, easy to press controls for play, pause, forward and back as well as volume up and down. They connected easily to every device I tried, are extremely durable, and had wonderful sound and fit for the price. If you like over the ear head phones, these are the ones to pick up.

2: Otium Wireless Sports Earphones

If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones that are better designed for working out, then the Otium Wireless Sports Earphones are for you. While they don’t quite live up the the sound standards set by full over the ear headphones, they are very good for their size and price. These headphones were designed to handle any workout you can throw at them. They are sweat-proof and have IPX7 waterproof protection. They also have a built in mic along with voice notification for phone calls. They are very durable, lightweight, and comfortable in and on the ear. Battery live is about 8 hours, which is pretty good for their size. They are adjustable for different size ears, and come with a convenient storage case. Overall, the sound quality and durability compared with other workout headphones in the price range are what puts these at the number 2 spot.



3: Photive TWS-01

If you are in the market for micro sized but powerful Bluetooth headphones, then the Photive TWS-01 headphones might be what you want. These headphones have great sound quality for their micro size and pack roughly 3 hours of battery life. They come with an easy to use storage and charging case, and have no wires at all to get in the way of your listening experience. They are comfortable and stay locked in the ear. Paring them is easy, and they also come with a microphone for taking phone calls and video chats. For the price, you wont find a better pair of micro Bluetooth headphones. The overall quality, ease of use, and comfort of these headphones are what brings them to number 3 on the list.




4: Bluedio T2s

The Bluedio T2s are another great pair of full over the ear Bluetooth headphones. They have great sound with strong bass, are comfortable, and have almost 40 hours of listening time. These headphones come with Bluetooth 4.1 and are easy to connect to any Bluetooth enabled audio device. The Bluedio T2s are foldable and easy to transport anywhere. They come with a build in Mic for phone calls and have a 3.5mm audio chord for use as analog headphones when the battery gets low. The plastic on these feel a little cheap but overall seem pretty durable. The audio quality and price of these are what puts it as number 4 on the list. If the cheap plastic look does not bother you, then these may be a great option for you.



5: Mpow Jaws V4.1

If having something hang around your neck does not bother you, then the Mpow Jaws Bluetooth headphones might be for you. The sound quality of these is better than most others in their price range and are noise cancelling. The earbuds themselves are very comfortable and hold in the ears tight. The earbuds also have built in magnets that attract them back to the band when you are not wearing them. They have a built in microphone for phone and video calls and last up to 13 hours of listening and talking. They come with Bluetooth 4.1, are easy to pair, and have a very stable connection. The band is very light on the neck, almost to the point you forget you have it on. They seem very durable and well made. Overall if the neckband does not bother you, these are fantastic Bluetooth headphones.

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