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Trine Enchanted Edition Linux

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Trine Enchanted EditionOne of the most beautiful and well developed platformer games in years past is now available on Linux via Steam. Trine has been around for some time, and was somewhat playable in Linux before this release, but only if you bought and downloaded the humble bundle version. Even then it was not on par with the Windows version. Trine 2, on the other hand, has been Linux compatible since its release on Steam. For those of us that wanted to play the original Trine game we were pretty much out of luck unless we had the humble bundle version. The Steam version was Windows only until now. The graphics in Trine and Trine 2 are amazing! The artwork and lighting really show of the amount of time and detail that the developers put into these two games. The story in these games were well thought out and keeps the gamer interested. The controls in many platformers usually leave much to be desired; however in these two games the controls feel very natural and fluent which allows the gamer to be more immersed in the content and story rather that trying to figure out the controls. If you have not tried either of these two games and are a fan of platformers, I highly recommend you head over to Steam and pick them up.


Trine 2:

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